2006 Freestyle AWD Limited (2) Issues PO701 and Coolant Warning Light On

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2006 Freestyle AWD Limited (2) Issues PO701 and Coolant Warning Light On

Post by AghhhBoughtatAuction » Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:46 am

Hello Everyone-

I bought this Freestyle at an auction. It looks like it still has all of its factory parts and the prior owner has installed aftermarket electrical components like cam and sounds, and I did notice the dash lights flicker when I turn on the headlights.

When I bought it, I replaced all fluids under the hood and the shop allegedly changed filters and what not. I am not confident that they changed everything or replaced filters correctly....when I had AAA come test the car out, they told me the battery had been installed wrong, so there's that.

I also have not given it a proper tune-up, yet, either.

I know it has some issues under the hood and I need some educated guesses to troubleshoot. My knowledge is limited, but I can tell you how it feels when I drive it, plus other things I can identify.

First Problem:

Code PO701

I know this is a general fail safe code, but I am not sure what could be causing the issue.

When the weather is warmer, it runs pretty good. It revs and works pretty hard in 1st gear, very slow off the line. However, when it transitions into 2nd, it flies and doesn't work as hard in the higher gears.

When the weather is cold and you do not let the car warm up, she'll drive for a moment and then shut down.

The other day, when I was switching to reverse, it did kick a bit.

2nd Problem:

Coolant Light just Light Up on the Dash

The car had been sitting dead for about 5 months. I installed a new battery on the 20th. Since all of the codes cleared when the battery was replaced, I drove it a bit.

Yesterday, when I turned her on, she had the coolant light on.

I checked the coolant basin and it was full, and she doesn't overheat. I don't see fluids on the ground and I don't see smoke, nor smell anything burning.

I tried running the air for a bit to see if it still gets cold, but that is hard to assess. I am in the desert and it has been in the high 80's and low 90's, so the car is already warm. I was to nervous to let her run too long to see if she pushes out cold air. It does push out air with decent force, though.

Any educated guesses would be helpful. Any other signs I should look for to help with diagnosis would be great help, too. I have little confidence in the shops around here. They don't care about quality of work and just want to push the work out.

I need confidence she'll perform well before I take her on the highway, or really put my kids in her.

I appreciate your help....


A girl that kinda hearts her freestyle and doesn't want to scrape it.

PS....she has a tow hitch, too. Is there anything I should have inspected to make sure she can handle the load?

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Re: 2006 Freestyle AWD Limited (2) Issues PO701 and Coolant Warning Light On

Post by Africa_FS_07 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:51 am

the behavior in cold weather you described is consistent with what others who live in the colder climes have also reported in the past.

the cure was found out to be to warm the car till it reached maximum operating temperature before driving it at all during the cold weather.

i would suggest you try this first before dumping money into it. Several members had changed the Mechatronics Unit (Valve Body) because this was what Ford recommended in those case after trying a fluid and HP Filter change........unfortunately, most still ended up with th same issue after the expensive Mechatronics change, until folks realized the warming up first before driving was a good fix.

Could there be an issue with the Coolant sensor ?
i wonder who "Voodoo Bob of the Dead Poets Society" is hounding now.....:mrgreen:

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