What a GEM of a car

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What a GEM of a car

Post by NoobFreestyle » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:13 pm

I have never owned a newer model car like this. This thing was an amazing find. A 2005 Freestyle with 138k Miles. It was definitely a mom-mobile, it is beautiful inside and out with an average of 10k per year since new. (I could tell bc all of the seat belts, yep all 6, had discolored edges on them). I even bought it without a test drive, and I was fully aware of cvt issues on this thing before I signed the papers today.

This thing is PRISTINE. I've searched already, but I could not come up with the right results and I would appreciate an educated answer from someone that has used an outside warranty company to ensure the drive train. I did a car fax check, nothing bad. Small accident with no damage reported.

I drove it today for the first time, for more than 4 hours, and it was a champ. Even up a really steep 1/4 mile hill (I was praying the cvt didn't slip!). The transmission did the job. The engine held firm. I LOVE this thing. I had driven many miles using a friends 2014 explorer last year, and I felt like I was driving HIS car.

Contacted Endurance yesterday, and got quotes for power train coverage. Has anyone here had any experience in this realm? Thanks in advance! I love this damn thing! I got it for 3500 out the door! I just want power train insurance as there's no way in hell I can deal with this. Been a mech all my life and now I'm 60. Any ideas? Thanks folks!

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Re: What a GEM of a car

Post by Scotty17 » Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:41 pm

The fact it has 138k and don't know the last time the transmission was changed I would
recommend doing a fluid change, I was advised that the fluid on these CVT transmission should
be changed ever 50k miles.

Its all about the maintenance with these drive train's.

I got mine with 88k did a transmission fluid change also a gas filter and switch over to Synthetic Oil and using only Motorcraft oil filters

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