Dash Cluster stuck

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Dash Cluster stuck

Post by crash2458 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:06 pm

We had some computer updates done to our 2005 Ford Freestyle to fix what appeared to be gremlins in our dash. The dash cluster would go haywire with the gauges moving randomly and all of the warning lights would flash intermittently. During these random issues the car would shudder and run terrible. They would magically clear up for a while and strike for no particular reason. We did take it to the dealership and they did some updates to the computer which did fix the issue. At the time of the updates the display showed the oil life at 0% or whatever the message says. Now the cluster is stuck on that message and we have not been able to get it to display the mileage. We have tried damn near everything suggested on different forums to no avail. The dealership is unwilling to help without paying their service fee even though this is clearly something they did. At this point I am just wondering what we can do to fix the issue outside of paying the stealership more money. Can we just replace the dash cluster with a different one? Will it display the mileage of the car it came out of? Will it do the same thing as our current cluster? The cluster has a single post to change the display and it beeps when pressed. It will also display other messages such as the washer fluid low message. We are stuck and looking for advice. Thanks in advance for any and all of your assistance.

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Re: Dash Cluster stuck

Post by DanfromSterling » Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:06 am

You could just buy another speedometer on ebay and swap out. See if that works should be able to find one for around $50. Keep your old one for the bulbs in the future. Mileage is stored in the computer so when new one is in will display mileage from the computer.

* buy 2006 or 2007 and not 2005

3 different parts depending on model of vehicle make sure you get correct one.

If you look for bathtub solder you will fine issue you are having which need to solder connections. This is issue on 2005* models.

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