No load shudder @ 40mph - CVT or AWD?

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No load shudder @ 40mph - CVT or AWD?

Post by Autoxdriver » Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:48 am

I just purchased a 2005 Freestyle Limited AWD. I test drove it twice and didn't notice anything, but the day after I bought it a problem has surfaced. I did my homework on these before I made the purchase and had an appointment with the Ford dealer to do the CVT fluid and filter change as soon as I decided to buy it. I've had the service done now and the problem remains, which is a pretty dramatic rumble/shudder in a no load or mild deceleration condition typically around 40mph. Since the car is AWD I'm holding out a small amount of hope that the problem is in the rear diff or Haldex unit which I expect will be significantly less expensive to repair or replace.

Does anyone have any experience with symptoms like this in their Freestyle? I've read through a ton of symptoms of CVT failures via the class action lawsuit and none of them are similar to mine. I did find a symptom described that matches mine almost to a T on a different site in reference to the AWD, but the owner said that's what his mechanic thought it was after driving it, so it was not conclusive.

Thanks everyone. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Re: No load shudder @ 40mph - CVT or AWD?

Post by ridzi » Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:12 am

Does the shutter go away if you slowly break? It may sound odd, but it is very possible the shutter has nothing to do with the transmission, but tires may be out of balance.

If the shutter goes away when braking, have the tires rotated and rebalanced and see if that helps.

You could also reach under and twist the CV shafts to see if they have any play. If they have play or are loose, that could be the culprit.

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