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Reprogram ECU/PCM after New Battery and Cleaning throttle body

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Reprogram ECU/PCM after New Battery and Cleaning throttle body

Post by cvtsled » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:25 am

We bought our 2006 Freestyle SEL FWD in December of 2017...Only had 73,000 miles and mechanically sound condition....Just recently I had to replace the battery...Lo and behold upon starting my freestyle after I installed the new battery...Freestyle engine began to lope while in drive at idle and race when putting in park or neutral ..Before battery died the freestyle would periodically lunge when backing up and sometimes when putting it in drive..Anyway I cleaned the throttle body and Hallelujah!...Engine Loping ..Surging and transmission lunging completely solved and no longer a problem...Just saying before you do a lot of blind engine diagnostics to fix loping,lunge & surge issues..Try simply cleaning your throttle body..Or have someone competent enough to do the job..It's just simply spraying the inside of throttle body with carburetor cleaner and wiping it out good...No need to remove the throttle body from engine...Just remember ecu/pcm needs to be reprogrammed anytime a battery is replaced or throttle body is cleaned...So let engine run at an idle till the engine warms up to reprogram fuel and air mix data to the ecu/pcm...Disconnecting the negative battery post while engine is shut down and reconnecting it will start reprogramming process when engine is started...
Youtube repair video >>> https://youtu.be/ZNxXM75zJOw
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Re: Reprogram ECU/PCM after New Battery and Cleaning throttle body

Post by NoobFreestyle » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:01 pm

Great post, thank you! I can literally set my watch to when my FS is gonna surge after putting it in gear, especially reverse! I'm also thinking this may be a source of my periodic CEL coming on. Usually disappears after a week of drive cycles.

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