Water Pump After Market or OEM ?

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Water Pump After Market or OEM ?

Post by Scotty17 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:00 am

2005 SEL AWD Freestyle

I have a 106,000 miles and I need to replace the water pump just wondering
should I spend the extra money on a OEM replacement , was also thinking while I'm at
it doing a heater core flush as well.

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Re: Water Pump After Market or OEM ?

Post by ds32928 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:43 am

I can speak about water pump types. Originally, the water pump had a bolt through the impeller shaft that bolted into a threaded hole in the end of the camshaft. Some after market WP's have a solid shaft, and rely on the male "tabs" on the end of the shaft to fit into the 2 notches cut into the outer edge of the end of the camshaft. No through bolt. Reports of this method failing are coming in, where either the tabs break off, or the clearance fit of the tabs in the notches in the camshaft end, can beat up the camshaft notches to the point where the camshaft needs to be replaced. Both problems can be eliminated by choosing either an aftermarket WP with the through bolt for $100 or less, or getting the OEM, if even IT still has the through bolt. My dealer wanted $484 for a Motorcraft WP, I got one with the bolt off ebay for $75. Cheap crap, cheap bearing probably, but it was my choice. 106,000 miles? are you sure its bad/leaking? Could be leaking somewhere from a faulty hose clamp and dripping off the WP. Unless you are sure, Id wrap paper towels around each fitting/hose clamp and watch for signs of leaking on the paper.

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