Horrible MPG

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Horrible MPG

Post by Danigirl834 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:15 am

I picked up an 07 SEL AWD a few weeks ago. It has 93k miles on it. The exterior is quite good and the interior is immaculate. Gave $4800, so I feel good about it. This will be much better for my FIVE kids than my Mustang was lol.

Anyway, I am getting what I would consider to be hideous mileage for mixed driving. I'm getting about 16 and figure I should see 22 or so. Im rarely hard on the pedal, just to merge and pass.

I was wondering if the group could list likely culprits from most to least likely. I searched around and it looks like the throttle bodies can crap out. Any other common causes in this model? The help will be appreciated.
2007 Ford Freestyle SEL AWD

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