Best new replacement Tires

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Best new replacement Tires

Post by JCuervo » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:53 am

So I’ve got a family so now buying Cheap used every year or so seems to be not ok any longer...
Problem is I am overwhelmed shopping for new tires. Didn’t realize there are literally a billion choices - and that’s just for 1 brand!

[*] What specs truly matter? I’m in Ohio just south of snow belt. Don’t plan to use winter tires. I am ok with staying with 215/65R17 but I suppose open to a justifiable change. I want an all season tire with some winter grip as well as tread life and not crazy loud...[*]

I searched forum and most of what I find are either old or posts referring to upsizing. Only somewhat consensus I found was for the Michelin Primacy MXV4 BUT I don’t find in my size and sound to be frowned upon in winter driving.
HELP :cry: $150 is my absolute max per tire and I prefer closer to $100
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Re: Best new replacement Tires

Post by dmckmc » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:59 am

10,000 miles on General Altimax RT43 - 2005 Freestyle AWD. Ordered and installed via Around $95 each, soft riding, very quiet, great tread wear to date. Have these on 3 cars at the moment, very satisfied. Sidewalls are very soft compared to other tires in this class leading to a very comfortable, quiet ride. Sportier drivers probably will not like the softness. I commute long and like the ride.

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Re: Best new replacement Tires

Post by Splicer » Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:48 am

The Altimax is a great tire, I've had them myself and loved them. So much so that when it came time to tire another vehicle, I bought Altimax. But now I am a true fan of Yokohama tires and just got a set of YK-HTX and are 70,000 mile tires. I got 80,000 from my previous set of 60,000 Yokohama tires. Very quiet, and they have a rebate going on now. Go to Discount Tire and work out the best deal you can. Afterwards you can get a $70 rebate (mail-in). I ended up paying $470 (after rebate) for 4 tires. I love these tires.
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Re: Best new replacement Tires

Post by Scotty17 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:39 am

I went last year with Cooper CS3 all season 60,000 on my AWD SEL couldn't be happier Cooper
are great tires they run smooth and quit with great performance.
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Re: Best new replacement Tires

Post by jas88 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:40 am

I put Cooper Discover HTR tires on mine a couple of years ago. They have a 60K warranty and are just about at that mileage now. They have a little life left, but not much. I plan to replace with the same thing when they are due.
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Re: Best new replacement Tires

Post by peg645 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:35 am

Just looked at my tires since my AWD Freestyle will be retired soon, and wondered if they still were ok before the snow hits. I don't want to spend anymore $$.
I am in a snow belt area, but also worked in Florida this past year for some time.
My Nokians have been outstanding in snow, although perhaps a little road noise in the south. I have a long, steep driveway and only been stuck briefly on glare ice.

I just checked my records and the front tires have about 50k on them, and the rear tires about 40k. Rear tires still good. Front tires should be ok for the time left.

I am pretty impressed with the Nokians.
Although I am a fairly conservative driver, and take it easy on the car.

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