Front "creaking" brake noise - solution!

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Front "creaking" brake noise - solution!

Post by airlinepilot » Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:10 pm

I had for a while a front brake creaking noise whenever i would press on the brake pedal. The noise could be heard outside the car and inside the cabin. It seem to be coming either from front calipers or brake master cylinder. I know some of you guys probably have this problem going on for quite some time. It is also possible to have this same kind of noise on other Ford vehicles.

If your front calipers are working ok, the slide pins are moving freely, the brake pads can move back and forth on the caliper brackets and there is no brake fluid leaking, try this!

Complete brake fluid flush at the 4 wheels!

Yes, i did this twice within a week and the noise is now 100% GONE. I own a pressure bleeder and i can tell you guys it pays for itself! (Gearwrench 3795D). With this tool, it takes about 30 minutes to do the 4 wheels. It completely flush the old fluid with new fluid. The old fluid was 2 years old at most. The master cylinder and front calipers are original on this car with 206000km.

I believe the seals inside the master cylinder and calipers doesnt like older brake fluid. I noticed also some small black dust getting flushed along with the old brake fluid. It might be some rubber from the brake hoses or seals that are slowly deteriorating. I am glad to have fix this problem without buying new car parts when just a brake fluid flush did the trick!

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Re: Front "creaking" brake noise - solution!

Post by JCuervo » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:29 am

I’ve got same noise, it’s not very loud but sure makes you wonder why that noise exists. I just changed front brakes last week, rear and calipers were changed last Fall. But I have not flushed fluids. Was yours loud, or just annoying enough to make an excuse to use your friendly tool. Flush would cost me probably $75
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