Fuel smell in the cabin - solution!

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Fuel smell in the cabin - solution!

Post by airlinepilot » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:05 am

I had a bad fuel smell in the cabin of my '08-X after refueling for quite some time. My wife was telling me that i was probably overfueling the tank... You can imagine!

The smell would usually go away went the tank would get closer to 3/4 full and less. I was already getting ready to remove the 3rd row seat brackets to take a look at the fuel tank. A friend suggested to start with the fuel cap. I first tought that his idea was not complicated enough or just too simple.

Anyway, i bought a new fuel cap this morning (part Gates 31141) and no more fuel smell inside or outside the car even after refueling! When i put the new fuel cap on, i noticed right away that it was very tigt compared to the original FoMoCo cap. The gasket on the old cap looked fine, there was no engine codes or any fuel dripping on the ground.

Do yourself a favor and start with the fuel cap if you have any fuel vapor smell that are not coming from the engine bay or related to a visible leak.

*The only thing a dislike about my new fuel cap is that it is not possible to reuse the original fuel cap cord. There is no groove in the new cap for that.

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