2006 CVT temporarily lost reverse gear

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2006 CVT temporarily lost reverse gear

Post by shyguy » Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:00 pm

Hi all,

My 2006 temporarily lost its reverse gear over the weekend - it appeared to slip when I pulled up to reverse park. It wouldn't go in so I pulled over as I had to be somewhere. Came back an hour later and it was fine, and has been since.

Fortunately (or not) it needs to go to the mechanic this week for new rear brake discs and an oil change anyway - but thought I'd ask for opinions on what may have caused this, minor or major... I'm no mechanic and no car expert by any means, just want to make sure I'm a bit savvier by the time I have to drop a wedge of money on it! :cry:


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Re: 2006 CVT temporarily lost reverse gear

Post by mmsstar » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:01 pm

Welcome, it's not necessary to post the same thing in different topics as it spreads the answers out.
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Re: 2006 CVT temporarily lost reverse gear

Post by xvert » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:02 am

Does the CVT produce the famous "helicopter" noise? If so and if there are no fault codes (see in engineering mode), then needle bearing 5F9Z-7N168C must be replaced (at least) . If this bearing is broken, then it can block the reverse gear. I sometimes had a similar problem before.
I hope that you will be lucky and you will only need to replace Pressure Control Solenoid D (PCD solenoid) ("The TCM uses the PCD solenoid to supply pressure for the forward and reverse clutches") or something like that.
PS: I seem that replacing the cvt fluid and filters will be in vain, because you will take a lot of work with the cvt

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