Alternator electrical issue

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Alternator electrical issue

Post by One123 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:01 am

I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle Limited with an electrical issue. Alternator went bad and had it changed (with a rebuilt one). All good for a few days, 4 days. Then the issue began. Went to start the vehicle, everything seemed normal then lost all power to instruments, AC, power windows, and car went into gear rough. Seemed to be in a limp mode. Took vehicle back to mechanic and he checked the vehicle and found the battery was overcharging. Changed the alternator and checked everything, all good. There was a code for transmission but he cleared it after changing the alternator and it never came back. Car ran fine for 6 days and did the same exact thing. Mechanic got it back and changed the alternator again, this time noting that the alternator was hot to the touch even though the car sat for 6 hours. Car was fine again, no issues. 5 days later same issue. Took the car to an electric shop and all they could focus on was the transmission code in the computer, even though they spoke to the mechanic and he told them that the code went away after he cleared it and replaced the alternator. They got nowhere so I finally took it to the dealership. They have had it for a week and thought they found the problem, a loose battery cable (not at the battery). That fixed the issue for a day but the issues came back. They now do not know what to do, but they want to change the instrument cluster because it shows a code on the computer. I don’t know what that will do, especially since my power doors and windows and AC panel are still crapped out. What has stumped me was the changing of the alternator fixed the issues every time. PLEASE HELP, don’t want to spend $800 to change the instrument cluster just to see if it will fix it. PLEASE!

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Re: Alternator electrical issue

Post by FreeStyleNole96 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:59 pm

Had the same with my 05 SEL. Limped to a parts store where it sat for no more than 25 mins. After getting codes u1900, b1676, p0563, p0622, u0101 and crank it up and it's out of limp mode but shows CEL and message center has Check Trans and Engine messages. Had also replaced both Batt & Alt 2 weeks prior.
Next day I go back to store to get scanned and have batt & alt checked and both checked out good/voltage while same codes popped up. As we were cycling thru codes they reset/cleared and no CEL. All I did before hand was fill up gas tank. It's been 10 days and nothing has happened again. Did not have any further diagnosis done.
Did you get any similar codes from a CEL?
After doing some digging I have read about the instrument boards being faulty, fuel relays/switch, posible PCM replacement...
If anyone can share some info It would def be appreciated.

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Re: Alternator electrical issue

Post by DanfromSterling » Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:19 pm

I have not had this issue. You can buy a cluster off ebay for about $50 shipped if you want to try and swap out yourself. Just make sure you get right style. 3 versions. Easy to swap. Look to buy 2006 and 2007 cluster. 2005 early built vehicles from what I understand did have issues with the cluster.

Couple screws to pull the cluster trim. Then couple screws on the cluster and 2 wire quick disconnections to the cluster.

Good Luck...

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Re: Alternator electrical issue

Post by pmassey31545 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:51 am

Sounds like you have a short or bad ground somewhere. I would double and triple check ALL ground connections AND check the cables at the battery...not the post, but the cable connection to the post. And a good mechanic could check your voltage drop or current and tell you if you have a connection issue.

If the Alt was hot while not running, something is causing the battery circuit to 'complete/connect'. Electrical demons suck.
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