Lack of power

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Lack of power

Post by » Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:37 pm

Hello Everyone
I had a lack of power issue, long story short the catalytic behind the motor fell apart, caused the EGR to burn a hole in the plenum and replaced the following.
Plenum, spark plugs, EGR, catalytic, MAF last and I still have lack of power.
I did put a short from the positive to the negative battery cable disconnected from the neg post.
I had cleared the PCM, TCM and initially got the ability to rev the motor past 3000 rpms, but it seem to go back into a limp mode again and I can't seem to clear the KAM memory so I can get the car to relearn idle and relearn the shift points? Anyone have any ideas? Idles fine just won't accelerate not sure where to go next? Had a transmission guy look at the CVT before I did all the work above and no issues there its a rebuilt with about 4000 miles on it.
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Re: Lack of power

Post by RVAFreestyle » Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:53 pm

Less a real scan tool, i.e. one that read live data and can communicate to all control modules in the car here is sure fire way to drain all the capacitors in every control module in the car.

1) Disconnect Ulow (negative) cable at the battery
2) disconnect B+ cable
3) if you have a spare plastic battery post cover from your last battery change put them on each post of battery for safety.
4) make sure you no other power supplies, battery charger, battery tender, etc. hooked up
5) Vicegrip both cables TOGETHER
6) Turn the ignition key to "On'
7) Wait 15 minutes
8) reverse steps 5 to 1- leaving the key ON (this is for SRS safety)

This should clear EVERYTHING from each computer control module.

Report back.

If this doesn't improve the situation check the following:

1) that no other catalyst has failed and is clogging the exhaust. Easy way is to disconnect the mid pipe and test drive with no rear exhaust.
2) Verify that the catalyst didn't fail to a previous drive-ability issue- which poisoned the TWC.
2a) this includes running a fuel pressure check.
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