Peeling paint on aluminum body parts

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Peeling paint on aluminum body parts

Post by MR654 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:01 am

I know paint peeling on aluminum body parts is a really common problem on the TRex, I have it on the hood of my 2008 SEL. While I hate to part with it, I have been looking for a replacement vehicle and am considering a newer Edge. Anyone out there know if it has an aluminum hood or other panels and if people are seeing the same problem? I've seen other forums that had pics of newer Mustangs and F150's with peeling paint on the aluminum panels. Why can't Ford figure out how to get paint to stick on aluminum?

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Re: Peeling paint on aluminum body parts

Post by RVAFreestyle » Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:34 pm

It isn't a matter of of Ford figuring it out. Yes they had aluminum painting issues in the past and to some degree currently but they really aren't paint application issues. I will explain:

Here is the story:

Aluminum still corrodes regardless of popular thought. It just corrodes at a MUCH slower rate that steel.

Initially there was more widespread issues with flaking aluminum paint...and when i say flaking I mean DELAMINATION as it the stuff come off in palm sized chunks. This was in the late 90s due to prep issues. Those were corrected but BUBBLING paint began to occur on aluminum panels which is different from delamination.

With bubbling, the paint surface is intact but the panel is corroding from under neath the paint. Upon examination the reverse side of the panel is intact. The issue here is contamination on the body panel of a small amount and I mean SMALL ferris (non-aluminum) material. It could be metal shaving or dust from production but it actually is most likley airborne contaminates.

What happens is a glavic reaction between the metals. The ferris metal laying on the aluminum corrodes under the paint until it pops the paint. Moisture from paint defects will accelerate this, such as if there is a paint scratch or pinhole near by occurs. This problem was prevalent from early 2000s to about 2009 when air scrubbers and better prep controls were put into place.

However, the defect most visible is lack of maintenance not manufacturer defect. A chip or scratch occurs on a panel and no touch up is applied. The owner typically defers any repairs as it is "not rusting". However, as you recall earlier it may not be rusting as it is not ferris, but it IS corroding slowly.

As the metal corrodes eventually it further damges the E coat, primer, sealer and base coat and eventual begins bubble and flake. The orginal defect allows additional moisture to accelerate the flake.

If you look closley mainy of these type "manufacturer paint defects" are on leading edges, roof tops hoods, fenders.

One time I had a customer swear they needed a new paint job under warranty due to a paint defect. However, under close examination the windshield and roof were sandblasted from tailgating and the unflaked hood looked the same....the leading edge was almost paint free.

Are there paint defects sure... I have one 2mm x2mm bubble on my eddie bauer expedition's hatch. Its right next to the aluminum trim garnish, where likley a fine UAW worker scrathed the paint with the studs of the trim on install.
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