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Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by huffman »

Add me to the list, drivers side has been out the last 2 winters. With the exception of a Subaru I've always owned Fords, 7 in all and this one has had every problem on the forum. Seat heat out, brake pedal squeaks, passenger rear seat won't unlatch, CVT issues, and the list goes on. I agree with a post above the build quality is just not there. That's too bad for what was once a dependable car company, though over the years I've seen them slipping, especially with transmissions. I'm letting the problems be for now and will trade it off this spring though I doubt Ford makes the short list for a new car.

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by kidfam »

Well I ordered a new heater pad for the drivers side seat bottom and have to send back the burned out Dorman one back to Rock Auto for the Lifetime Warranty credit. Since this is the 3rd replacement and I am tired of fooling with the hog rings, this time I am not going to put the rings back in but just let the leather cover attach just with the clips.

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by pwschuh »

And what I've learned by reading this thread is not to bother trying to fix my heaters since it's unlikely to be worth the expense or effort.
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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by Turbozombie »

pistol64 wrote::idea: :idea: :arrow:

Being stubborn just paid off !!!!!!!!

I used the diagram above and seperated each part of the circuit.

The short story is this, When you have an open circuit on this system (the indicator light will blink) on then off each time you push the button.
The heaters ( seat bottom and seat back ) are wired in series and then they finish off by going to ground.

I was reading in an earlier post that if the light blinks and then it goes out again this is likely a big indicator you have a short circuit. AKA a broken heater element. In my case the back seat heater is broken, it has a short circuit.

The other thing I did to verify the result was I wired the seat bottom on the drivers side to the seat back on the passenger side and the system is working for at least ten minutes. So the next thing to do will be to replace the back heater on the driver side. ( if you unhook the wires they will stretch enough to do this test from the driver side to the passenger side, also I had to remove the wire plug from the seat frame of the drivers side to make it stretch. )

i will get back to this thread with an update..

An FYI in closing the heaters are now available in Ontario at Dorman dealers. (Carquest)
Rock auto is good but more money than neccessary for this part.

My drivers side seat heater is not working, but the lights on the switch stay on but the heat does not work.
Could it be the heated seat module that is under the seat? As the connection does not seem to be open.

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs


I have the same problem as the person above. The passenger side works fairly well.
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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by kidfam »

Just an update. Another pad was installed from RockAuto. It was free cause it was under lifetime warranty and has been working fine all winter now so far.

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by kidfam »

SAME PROBLEM AGAIN - DRIVERS SEAT HEATERS GONE BAD- There has to be something majorly wrong in the drivers seat heater circuit cause I think this will be either the fourth or fifth time I will again be replacing either the bottom or top pads. I ordered new ones again from Rock Auto and will take the drivers seat out once again to replace probably the bottom pad. Thank GOD for the Dormont lifetime pad warranty however I am so ticked off as to why the pads keep burning out. Perhaps defective seat heater relay?

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by kidfam »

I think Rock Auto is going to catch on to me soon as they started wondering why I have been returning so many heater pads. Oh, yes it was the bottom pad again. Would it be safe to say the heater pad control module is bad? I bought one on Ebay but it doesn't work on low. Looking for another one online somewhere.

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by lparsons »

I just replaced my seat heater (bottom) pad today and thought I'd share my experiences with the forum. I thank the people who shared tips, both in this thread as well as this other thread in this forum.

First off, I'd like to say that it took me around 3-4 hours. This might be abnormally long as others have said they did it in 1.5 - 2. In hindsight I would probably advise removing the seat (or at least the part where you are replacing the heater) entirely to improve access; I left mine in and it was a bit of a PITA. If you leave it in, there seems to be no problem leaving the battery connected even though the directions from rockauto tell you to disconnect for safety. The other thread mentions there is a yellow harness under the seat that is related to air bags, so of course I left it alone. Leaving the battery connected allows you to move the power seat while working, which was very helpful in my case.

On to my method, then. I did not take pictures as others have already posted great pictures that explain the situation, I would not have added anything important by taking more of my own. I started with the seat all the way forward and up (I call it the "dwarf position" - not sure why Ford is so obsessed with making all their vehicles driveable for people who are less than 3.5 feet tall). This made the screw easy to get to that is underneath the rear of the seat to remove the lower plastic trim that holds the seat adjustment levers. Two moderately stubborn clips then hold the rest of the trim in place and then you can get it out of the way. You won't get the J-channels loose without taking the trim out but detatching it like this leaves the controls useable. Then pull the channels out all the way around - there is one up by the seat belt clip that is a little tricky; no amount of seat movement seemed to help. The seat cover also comes together with the world's strongest velcro in the back, don't forget to detatch it, too.

As others have mentioned, the hog rings can be an enormous PITA. I cut the old ones out with a dremel tool - I've heard others say they can reuse them but I couldn't figure out how. If you pull too hard on them they can potentially rip the line out of the seat which would prevent you from getting the seat cover back on correctly.

I left the old seat heater in place, both to preserve the cushion material as well as to serve as a guide for exactly where to place the new one. I then cut the wire from the old one near the heater itself, which made it easy to find where the plug connects under the seat (it is close to the center console, about halfway forward). Pull the backing off the new heater and glue it on top of the old one. Follow the old wires to connects.

Hog rings were almost as painful to reinstall as they were to remove. I wasted at least 2-3 just figuring out how the hog ring pliers work; I had to enlarge the holes in the seat cover to fit the pliers in there. I ultimately ended up not able to place a couple of rear rings but that didn't seem to be a problem. Ring removal did in my case rip out the end of one of the wires in the cushion partially but I was still able to connect to it.

I would say at least 80% of my time was hog rings. Many people have said the hog ring pliers were junk - the ones that came with mine were cheap for sure - but mine worked OK. Some were tricky to get to for sure, though shorter people (I'm 6'3") will likely find it easier. Access would have been much easier with the seat out of the car and on a work bench.
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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by myworkhorse »

ptrott--I have the same car. no issue yet with the fuel error. My best guess would be the fuel level sending unit probably located in or near the fuel tank.
i do have the exact same issue with the driver seat while the passenger works just fine. there seems to be some good info here on how to check and repair the seat. I am just not sure if the money is worth it.

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by fgump »

I have just gone through this exercise for the back and bottom heaters. Back was easier, bottom is not too bad after you have the knack of the pliers.

The seatback heater went open almost 2 years ago. My wife said all she wanted for Christmas was functional seat heaters. So, I ordered both the bottom and back from Amazon (Dorman pads), for a total of just over $60 delivered. I knew the back was open, and the bottom was functioning, so I replaced the back pad only.

It lasted about a week before the bottom pad then shorted. See the pics from its' flameout yesterday.

The back pad took about an hour to replace from start to finish. There is not a lot of related "unhooking" between the back and bottom pads, so not much time saved in doing them together versus separately.

For the bottom, I removed the cushion and cover from the seatframe and took it inside the house to perform the replacement. The bottom pad had 17 hog rings that I cut with sidecutter pliers (snips). No issues in the removal of the old pad and placing the new, but putting the cover back on takes some finesse. I started at the front and worked toward the rear, hooking the new rings on the rods as I moved backward.

I tested the heater before fully installing the cushion back to the frame, then turned it all off and anchored it to the frame.

We'll see how it does from here on out, but initial indications were success.

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by MENINBLK »

Hello All,

I have a 2009 Taurus X LTD AWD.
The driver's seat heater is no longer working.
When I push the heater button it lights for about a second sand then goes dark.

I've read most of he posts here and see that the FORD design of the pad is not a great consideration.
Is the VOLVO pad any better ?
I'm thinking maybe a XC90 pad would fit and work just fine ???

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by barvic »

Hey meninblk,

Many threads on the forum regarding the seats. Go here for my post on replacing. Only took a couple hours to do. Easier with the seat out too. 5 months of multi-day use and these heaters are fantastic.

http://www.myfordfreestyle.com/forums/v ... =15#p43875

Cheers, Bruce
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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by CrabSpirits »

I replaced both elements in both seats last winter. Got the ds working and the ps working only occasionally. Now neither of them work again. I'm pretty sure at this point that there is a fault in the module that lets all these elements overheat and fry. My wife felt the bottom element getting blazing hot before cutting out. I might try wiring in a resistor now or sourcing bigger/sturdier elements from another car that has heaters that actually work. This is just stupid.

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Re: Drivers side seat heater repair and costs

Post by boomerangg22 »

The info here is great. I read through tons of problems with these heaters. Seen the fixes and some that went out again after being fixed. I was wondering on those that fixed and re fixed are they still in operation? And if they stayed fixed was there something else involved or just the basic fix? Just wanting to fix my wife's car for Christmas and hoping to only do it once. Thanks for any and all help.