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CVT Issues

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CVT Issues

Post by Dailynn03 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:14 am

Hello - So here is the back story. My boyfriend bought me a freestyle after reading general reviews about how good they were. It is a 2007 AWD with about 90k miles on it.

Fast forward. We get her home, and noticed the sound everyone has been talking about when you start the car and put it in neutral, and as the car accelerates over 50mph.

Now, being car savvy, my BF tore the whole thing down. He replaced:
Input Shaft
O Ring for input shaft
Transmission Filter
Water pump

After getting it all put back together, the engine won't start on it's own. He has to jump the starter. And it is still making the whirring sound (just deeper pitched). And now it is lurching through gears.

Did we buy a worse part set? Or did we just not assemble it properly? Is there another piece to this puzzle that we are missing?

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