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front sway bar / stabilizer removal

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:40 pm
by crispywabet
I am in the middle of a job and need help ASAP. I'm stuck at a spot where I have my front lower stabilizer bar disconnected and the subframe lowered as much as possible, but I can't get it out
I've followed the direction to a "T" but there isn't enough room to get the bar out.
Stabilizer Bar Removal and Installation NOTE: The stabilizer bushing and bracket are part of the stabilizer bar assembly. The stabilizer bar will not turn easily in the bushing.
1. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. ( I left it in park, didn't see the need for this)
2. removed both lower stabilizer bar link nut,
3. removed both tie-rod end nuts and separated the tie-rod ends from the knuckles.
4. removed the lower arm forward nuts and (upward facing) bolts for both lower arms.
5. removed the lower rearward bolt for both lower arms (note the nut at the back is welded to the subframe, wish I'd have known that ahead of time...heating it with a propane torch allowed the bolt to break loose)
6. Using a suitable jackstand, support the rear of the subframe (i did but there it won't drop low enough...see later on in this post)
7. Removed the power steering bracket bolt and position the power steering return line aside (I started doing this, but it didn't seem to create more space, so I tighten it back up, I didn't remove them, based on the picture, it seemed like only the PS line, hold down needed to be removed)....I think I'll go try this again.
8. Disconnected the oxygen sensor electrical connector.
9. Removed the 2 subframe bolts and the 4 subframe bracket bolts.
10. Lowered the rear of the subframe approximately 51 mm (2 in).can't get it down far enough to make a difference.
11. Removed the LH and RH stabilizer bar bracket bolts.
12. Trying to Remove the stabilizer bar by guiding it between the subframe and the body towards the rear ofthe vehicle.
This is where I'm stuck, I'm going to go remove the power steering bracket bolts to the subframe (this time) Advice?

Re: front sway bar / stabilizer removal

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:07 pm
by crispywabet
I did it!!! The Brand new sway bar with fixed bushings (stupid design) was $210 Canadian from Ford.
I removed the nuts and bolts holding the steering rack to the subframe, this gave me a lot more room. I was able to manipulate it out to the passenger side and remove and install the new one from there. I visited my local ford dealer and looked at there digital manual, it confirmed that it should be taken out from the passenger side (not the rear as the “my” online manual showed) It was not easy, I had to snake it out, rotating back and forth, even lifting the exhaust a little. To install the new one, a second person made all the difference to guide it in as I pushed and twisted. Everything went back together nicely. It took a full day and a bit to complete, cursing occasionally seemed to help! Seems a little quieter up front.

Re: front sway bar / stabilizer removal

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:49 pm
by mmsstar
Time for
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