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Stripped oil pan 2005 Freestyle

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Re: Stripped oil pan 2005 Freestyle

Post by UpstateScottie »

RVAFreestyle, thanks. I'm likely to get a new pan, as my mechanic said there is also a hairline crack running from the plug area that would probably cause me trouble.

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Re: Stripped oil pan 2005 Freestyle

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This is the reason I try to do ALL of my own work from oil changes to engine swaps. Ya just can't trust the idiots on drugs who work at oil change places even dealers have some untrained idiots on the pay roll. When in doubt how much to tighten the plug look up torque specs for every bolt in a manual buy a torque wrench and learn to use it.
I have made it to 71 years old and refuse to have some one else touch my drain plug. I don't have a lift or a garage just crawl under and do it myself since I was 14 years old. One day I will have a concrete floor and a roof. Fire ants are not fun either and seem to find me.

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Re: Stripped oil pan 2005 Freestyle

Post by RVAFreestyle »

UpstateScottie wrote:
Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:05 am
Has anyone here had any luck with the Oil Pans that are listed on Rockauto.com for our cars? They run between $100-$240 (some come with gaskets and plugs, some not). I also have a stripped plug, and if the techniques above do not work, I'm going to just buy a new one. I'm reasonably confident that they are the right pans, just wanted to see if anyone has actually ordered one.

http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/ford ... l+pan,5562Freestyle Oil Pans on Rockauto.JPG
I just put a Spectra brand oil pan on my FS. I suspected the gasket was bad at the front cover to block/pan interface but could never rule out a hairline crack no matter how much I cleaned it. So for $100 bucks I tossed the spectra pan and felpro gasket at it.

It came with the identical baffle and windage trays in the pan, a drain plug and decent packaging. If you are a real stickler, the finish on the pan isn't the same as the aluminum casting is smoother on the spectra than the OE but then again who REALLY cares that much. :)
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