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Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by jepotter » Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:32 pm

2005 original owner of a front wheel drive SEL. Now with over 204K. The belt is hard to see and with so many miles I thought it time....little did I know it was fine.

No major issues and have had great success with all my Fords!

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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by Chetallica » Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:44 am

i just started having some, what sounds like belt slip noise, on cold start up, so I am getting ready to change the belt. I don't have a lot of mileage (just coming up on 70,000) but the car is now coming up on 8 years old so thinking the belt might be getting funky.

I like the idea of being under the car wrapping the belt around while someone else pulls the tensioner. That seems much easier than getting to ti from the top!
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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by Fat Steve » Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:00 pm

just changed mine this weekend. squealing at 85k. its almost a 2 man job. had the car up, passenger tire removed, remove the small rubbery splash shield. use a 3/8" drive breaker bar. i fed the bar up from the bottom and had a buddy grab it from up top while i pushed the drive into the tensioner. once in, he pushed the tensioner towards the back of the car, while i removed the belt and rerouted the new one, took 10min
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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by Jack Watts » Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:44 pm

If you don't have a second set of hands around, pull the tensioner tool or breaker bar all the way back and zip tie it to the top cross brace (the one between the strut towers). Use a couple of zip ties, like 3 or 4, just as a fail-safe if one lets go. Then you can crawl under the car and install the belt. You have to have the tensioner pulled back pretty much the entire way in order to get the belt over the last pulley.

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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by KAH » Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:19 am

As previously posted, I changed my S-belt
and tensioner at about 105,000. Both the
belt and the tensioner were still good but I felt that
replacing them as preventative maintenance was the
way to go.

I used the Harbor Freight belt tool and it worked
fine. Some say that it is not the best tool for the
purpose but I had no problems with it.

I did not have a helper so I released the tension
on the belt and then tied the H.F. tool to the engine
support bar. And then tied it again so that it would not
come loose on my pinkies.

The tensioner has a means of attaching a 3 / 8
inch ratchet wrench but the space is so tight I could
not get a 3/8th inch T - bar tool in to use it.

The lower front pulley, at least on my 2007
had a splash cover that had to be dealt with. I removed
two of the three screws holding it in place and loosened
the third to bend it out of the way so I could get replace
the belt.

To get access to the S-belt the rubber splash guard has to
be removed. I took out all but a couple of the plastic plugs
that hold it in place. Leaving a couple of the back plugs in
makes it easier to reinstall same.

When I got the belt replaced and the H.F. tool removed,
I had to reinstall the splash guard. I could not find at my local
parts store the correct plastic plugs so I threaded the holes
that the plugs fitted into.

These holes are close enough to thread for a 5 / 16 inch
National Coarse thread. Then I screwed in 5 / 16 inch N.C. X 3/4 inch length hex head screws with a washer. These worked very well. When I threaded the holes, I gave each hole a squirt of
WD - 40 for threading lubricant. No problems.

Replacing the tensioner involves removing one 15 mm bolt
and bolting on the new unit. It is close in there but no big deal.

All in all, it was an interesting project. Take your time and you should have no serious difficulties. I am glad that I did it as
a preventative maintenance project, as in a garage it presents
no real challenge but out on a roadside it would be a real
hassle to contend with.

At this point, I have put about thirty five hundred miles
on the car since this repair with no noted problems.

Hope this helps,

Ken H.

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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by Lumpman » Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:36 pm

I just changed mine. Like other folks said, you have to come in from the bottom, right front wheel and small splash shield off. I took a couple of the inner fender connections out too, which gave me some more room. I used one of my longer 3/8 in ratchets to release the tension. You have to turn it counter-clockwise. Before you do though, you need to take the shield off the a/c compressor. Three 8mm bolts. One on top, two on bottom. My problem was, the retainer for one of my bottom ones had stripped out. I could get it to turn, but it would not back out no matter what I did. I ended up working my dremmel in there and surgically cutting the plastic off around it. With a functional bolt still on top and bottom, I figured I could go down one. It's tight in there, but it if you stay patient and get creative, it's doable.

I will say though it's the most painful belt I've personally ever changed. That's not say much though....

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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by smithmw » Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:16 pm

I just got my belt changed for the first time today by the dealer @127,000 mi. They gave me the old belt to inspect: I was surprised: it really didn't look bad at all... There was barely any cracking.
- Matt
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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by MelMan1396 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:08 am

Just did it yesterday. No wear and tear, it just a clean break. I do believe it was related to the tensioner pulley. It is noisy. Anyone know how to get the pulley off?

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Re: Anyone Change the Serpentine Belt?

Post by mmsstar » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:26 am

Per KAH above;
"Replacing the tensioner involves removing one 15 mm bolt
and bolting on the new unit. It is close in there but no big deal."
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