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How do I disable the chimes?

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Re: How do I disable the chimes?

Post by bones » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:26 pm

my thoughts on the seat belt chimes based on studies that have been performed bythe NHTSA since the mid to late 60s. As a human race we want everything idiot proof because in general we are lazy and don't want to take responsibility for our actions. now i know i am going to get criticized and chastised for saying all this but the facts are facts and can not be denied. I'm not saying everyone or anyone is lazy specifically; just in general and its been proven time and time again in all sorts of studies. do some research and you will see. everytime that the NHTSA determines we need another safety "system" added to our vehicles because of public outcry due to vehicle related fatalities they force the vehicle manufactures to have the new "system" in place on vehicles by a certain time. everytime that happens the manufacturers respond and do as requested. however as a result we humans think ok, now i have this new seatbelt, or i now have air bags, or i now have ABS brakes, or stronger frame or the countless other safety "systems" that are in place to "save lives" so i can now be just a little less safety conscious about my driving habits, i can drive just a little faster, wait just a little longer to hit my brakes, tail gate just a little closer, take that corner just a little faster, run through that yellow/red light just one more time because i am "protected". One of the number one things you can do to keep your vehicle safe is maintain the proper air pressure in your tires but now we don't even do that because we have TPMS systems in our vehicles. So we now no longer pay attention to that either. All this being said whenever new safety systems are mandated by the NHTSA there has never been a significant if any lowered fatality count in automotive accidents for any length of time. in fact in some cases the fatality rate has increased because as we perceive we are now safer we subconsciously become more reckless and as a result negate the safety system that was put in place to make us safer. if you want to see a significant decrease in vehicle related fatalities due to safe driving put large metal spike sticking right out of the steering wheel on the driver side and one sticking out of the glove box on the passenger side and some in the back seats pointing at our kids and you will see how safe everyone becomes knowing that their direct actions behind the wheel will most likely cause their own death and or the death of their family, and friends if they screw up too much. Now obviously i am not suggesting we actually do this and i seriously doubt ralph nader or anyone else at the NHTSA will agree but give it some serious thought and id be willing to bet that some of you will see the point i am making. if you KNOW that putting your hand in a pot of boiling water to retrieve a $20 dollar bill will give you 3rd degree burns the chances of you doing that are very slim, but if someone gives you a glove and tells you if you wear it you can put your hand in the boiling water and get the $20 i'm sure the number of people who will try it will certainly go up. enough said. just food for thought. Don't forget to wear your seat belt in case you have turned off your seat belt chime like i did. oh and i also disabled the auto lock feature that locks my doors when i put it in drive and drive away. i do however enjoy having the feature that tells you how many miles you have left before you are on empty because obviously i like to push the limit and its nice to know where that limit "supposedly is" once you get to zero. i drive at least 10 more miles once i get there just to see how far i can go till i run out. once day i will and I'll let everyone know. happy motoring everyone!!!

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Re: How do I disable the chimes?

Post by bensabin1 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:32 pm

directions to the chime:

1) insert key
2) open door
3) follow sound
4) remove chime

btw the advice comes from a democrat. i figure it's your car, your life, your chime. do whatever the hell you want with it. why should i or anyone else begrudge you anything that doesn't harm us?

p.s. please be a good chap and wear the seatbelt though, windshields and faces shouldn't mix.

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Re: How do I disable the chimes?

Post by Jakksin » Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:21 am

This question reminds me of my old Hyundai. Instead of a chime, it had a high pitch "TIINGLE TIINGLE". That is... Until the damn thing went haywire and I heard "TIITIITIINGLNGLNGLTIITINGLTIIFNGLNGE" No codes, no problems, but that was the longest 8 mile drive I ever drove. That was 5 years ago and i still hate Hyundai. Will never own one again.
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Re: How do I disable the chimes?

Post by Lilith » Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:21 pm

I completely understand why you want to disable the chimes, all of them. I do too. If that's not possible I'd like to cut the wire to the chime or yank it out. I cannot tolerate it. And yes, I leave my keys in my car, occasionally I drive without a seatbelt, but not very far, and I freaking hate the door chimes. I have a disorder called misophonia. It makes the chimes unbearable for me. I have disabled every chime on every vehicle I've ever had. It's been fine. Does anyone know where it is?

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Re: How do I disable the chimes?

Post by jas88 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 6:12 am

The chime module is built into the SJB so I don't think you can just yank it like on older cars. I have disabled the seat belt chime in my FS using the procedure in the owners manual. The key-in chime I disabled by pulling the brown wire out of the harness coming from the ignition key lock cylinder (so it doesn't know when the key is in). The headlight-on chime I kept.
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Re: How do I disable the chimes?

Post by dwighte » Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:51 pm

I had seat belts in my car before they were ever required on new cars. I always put them on but not in the order the car likes. I generally ignore the chime since it rarely is telling me anything new. The car will not let me lock the door with the key in the car's ignition so why have it sound until one tries to lock the door manually. I've only once locked my keys in a car, in my life, and even then I has a hidden spare. I've made it a habit to use the key to lock the car rather than push a button.
I live in California lowlands. There is little reason to change oil at such short regular mileage, especially when I use extended range oil. I'd love to be able to edit the oil mileage message to be longer. I do like it to warn me because I often forget when I last changed it but different people live in different environments that are more difficult for oil life. I make jokes that my oil is dead when it says I have 0% oil life.
Most of my cars have the wire to the seat belt switch removed. I may do the same the the Freestyle when I get around to it.
I can think of only a couple things that I'd like the car to make noise about. These are, low on water and low on oil. It isn't so much as a safety thing as a courtesy to the driver. I know several people that have damaged their engines because of not realizing there was a problem. I even had a failed rear engine seal from an over heat ( no other damage to the Detroit cast iron engine ). Had there been a warning tone, I'd most likely have shut it down. Those would be useful warnings.

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