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Ford Freestyle 2005 SEL AWD

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Ford Freestyle 2005 SEL AWD

Post by digidev » Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:57 pm

hey guys,

Im new here and I just bought myself a 2005 SEL AWD (134000km). Its a pretty cool car and glad I bought one. I was shopping for a Subaru Forester because I work a lot in the woods (dirt trails) and wanted a reliable car for our eastern canadian winters without going for a pickup or a big SUV. Seems like the freestyle can handle it! I find it being more comfortable to drive than a forester so it makes wifey happy! What kind of upgrade would you recommend me?


Jack Watts
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Re: Ford Freestyle 2005 SEL AWD

Post by Jack Watts » Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:33 pm

Not necessarily an "upgrade", but I'd consider changing the AWD fluid and filter ASAP, just to avoid problems down the line. The AWD system works really well on this car, but there's no specified interval for the fluids and it's created some trouble, especially as the cars get older.

There's a tutorial on here, but basically there's a front transfer case (PTU) and rear differential; they both take a 75W90 GL-5 synthetic gear oil (you can use conventional 80W90 in the rear). Then there's a wet clutch in the middle, it takes a proprietary fluid (Haldex fluid) and filter. That fluid and filter becoming contaminated seems to be the real issue. So, I'd look at changing that stuff, along with servicing the transmission fluid and filter.

As nice as the AWD system works, snow tires and AWD even better, so you may want to check out some options there as well.


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