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Freestyle owner and new to group.

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Freestyle owner and new to group.

Post by jhbrown132 » Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:37 am

I have a 2005 Freestyle and have had instrument cluster problems. I am hoping to find more info on them. I will post the problems later on the forum.

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Re: Freestyle owner and new to group.

Post by mmsstar » Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:57 am


There is a known problem with the cluster. You can remove it and repair it fairly easily. Instructions below courtsey Russ C

....."but the instructions are relatively clear and simple for a general DIY'er...
Remove 2 screws at inside top of cluster trim
Pop out cluster trim, taking care to lower steering column out of your way.
Remove 4 hex head screws, 9/32 size from around cluster.
Remove wiring harness and use a flat head screwdriver to pop out plastic clip
Remove black trim piece, 7 clips on mine- used paper clips to hold open each after prying.
Removed dust cover backing from circuit board- seems this is part of the problem (see below)
I had to use an exacto to cut through the hot glue which was melted into place to hold dust cover.
Slowly worked the needles off the front of the cluster by using a small flathead screw driver to pry under and gently work the needles off.
Gently pried all 8 or 9 clips on the white colored housing from the circuit board.
Located the Oscillator- see pic later
Located the prongs that came through the circuit board.
Soldered those prongs gently with a battery powered solder iron
Tested by reattaching wiring harness BEFORE putting all parts back together.
Once confirmed that all information was in the computer readout, I proceeded to put everything back together in reverse order.

This cluster did not need the reprogramming. I'm not sure why others have said theirs needed it.

Needless to say, my wife and I are very grateful for the input of other owners on this site. I saved us about $1,020 by doing it myself.

Our 2005 Freestlye Limited may not be with us much longer at 185,000 miles, but at least now I know the problem is solved and we don't have to drive in the "dark".
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Re: Freestyle owner and new to group.

Post by jhbrown132 » Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:46 pm

Dealer's service couldn't find the reason until today. In the past, they said they couldn't replicate the problem or after the second one, they could not find the cause. New dealer owner and service manager, cluster #4 and suddenly the cause is found...Powertrain Control Module. Anybody know why they couldn't find the problem sooner?

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