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Freestyle far away needs plastic surgery

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Freestyle far away needs plastic surgery

Post by belka-letyaga » Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:44 pm

Hello guys. Nice to meet such a cool community of owners of this great car )

My son was born on 1st of october, so now i'm thrice dad, and really had to get more roomy car. As well we like to go country with family really often, hiking and other, so wanted a little bit lifted and AWD car. And here we are, Ford Freestyle is the only for it's price, that suits it perfectly well. And God Bless this transformer Saloon.

So the kids already loved the car, and we ran it around, though it has several issues still. More of them i can fix myself or for reasonable price at service. But there is one, that is just overpriced here.

And no wonder, we have only several hunderds or less of Ford Freestyles, here, in Russia, and it was never officially sold here, just brought by fans and other individuals.

So it just impossible to buy new body parts, but sometimes you can get some used, though they are still overpriced.

I have an issue with front bumper and plastic right wing molding.

If anybody has crashed bumper after an accident or know some junk yards where a can buy parts, please advise. I'd like to buy only right part of bumper, let's say 25% of the whole bumper.
I will combine it together with my part, and have new bumper at last )

Otherwise buying and shipping the whole part from US will be to expensive)

So if you have a requested part and can help with shipping it, i will be very glad and thankful to buy it.
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