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Problems and disappointments

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Problems and disappointments

Post by DSK_MI_SVT » Sun Dec 12, 2004 9:46 pm

First off let me say my Family and I are and always will be a "Ford Family". My Dad has just retired within the last year and a half after 33 years at the wayne assembly plant.
Well I think Ford as done it again, There fit and finish on exterior is just shaby work, I went down with my parents to the dealer to pick there new limited up the week of Thanksgiving. Upon arriving to dealer to look over the car, I couldn't belive the margines in the hood/fender/grill area's, not to mention the driver door and rear door were so bad the rear door wouldn't shut with using excessive force. (i.e.SLAMMING!) after 2 hours worth of work in the body shop refitting both doors, hood and fenders. The deal was done.. This didn't seem to be a isolated incident because the other three Freestyle's that were on the lot were the same if not worse!
Its just unacceptable on a launch of a new model car in my opinion. I just couldn't belive that these cars made it out of the factory that way.
The new problem that has been apparent since the second week after delivery is for some odd reason the darn thing will just shut off while making a left or right hand turn, it starts right back up after but throwing it into netrual and hitting the key but come on now this can't be to safe but the dealer keeps telling them they can't seem to find anything wrong. Or they can't replicate the problem. which I can't fault them because it has only done it 5 times in 2 weeks or 1200 miles.. :x
I think that if you are interested in one, wait till next year till Fords works out some of these bugs..

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Post by pnewby » Thu Dec 16, 2004 6:37 am

:?: Must have been bad luck for yours. My Limited seems to have perfect fit around doors and hood, no problems in the 1st 500 miles, and so far it's great. Can't see any reason to wait so far. Of course it could be like waiting on a computer, if you wait until the price drops and new features are added, you'll never buy one.

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