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8 week wait is over!

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8 week wait is over!

Post by Rickoz »

Just returned from a dealership visit to check out our special order Freestyle to make sure it's worthy of delivery tomorrow. Everything looked great, and the handling was as good as the one I originally test drove.

So tomorrow I begin driving a LTD AWD w/ traction control, moon roof, and safety package (side curtain) in Merlot with Pebble leather interior.

Certainly the most expensive vehicle I have owned. 30 years ago my first car was a used 2 door '66 Ford Galaxy 500. Loved that car but for some reason it took me this long to return to a Ford product.

The Freestyle order took eight weeks almost to the day. I was told AWD is not manufactured as often as the FWD. I started to buy an SEL but by the time I added the options I wanted, I was up the price of a LTD which came with more options. Unfortunately the local dealers don't seem to order them with the safety package, nor do they stock many LTD's, hence the special order. I am very impressed with the Merlot color... it was difficult ordering off a 1/2 inch paint chip in a brochure.

Rick in PA

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Re: 8 week wait is over!

Post by knowitall »

I wonder if Rick is still alive and if he is if he still has his Freestyle. :lol: