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Chokes upon acceleration

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Chokes upon acceleration

Post by Venus » Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:40 pm

I have a 2006 Freestyle. I bought it about 5 yrs ago. I have enjoyed this vehicle and have taken it on many road trips. Until last Thur when I was traveling North on I-95 from Brevard County in Florida. I was using cruise control and had the fan on (a/c wasn't working when I bought the car) as it was raining. All of a sudden as I was going over an overpass the car started choking during the automatic acceleration of cruise control. It did it again on the next overpass. On the third overpass of this choking event, I took the cruise control off and accelerated on my own and it choked. Therefore I thought maybe it was the fan being on, so I turned that off for the next overpass and sure enough, it choked again. I got off at the Port Orange exit and got some gas. Thinking that maybe my gas gage was off and I was running out of the gas. MIND YOU, I was not receiving any indicator lights or messages. When I went to leave the gas station....the choking was worse. At a stop light, it was difficult to accelerate it was chocking so bad. I was able to find a Fire Stone. They did a diagnostic test and there were NO CODES that showed up. At this point, I was afraid of taking the car on the interstate and I was even more afraid of continuing my travels to Valdosta, Ga. The mechanics actually agreed with me and suggested I take the car home and advised me to travel US 1. I am thankful for that due to not a lot of traffic. As I was traveling US 1, I was able to figure out that if I allowed the car to accelerate on it's own power, there was no choking. But, when I forced acceleration, the choking was there and at times strong. A one hour road trip home took almost 2 hours.

The next day, I drove my car to my mechanics...with forced acceleration and there was NO choking My mechanic spent almost 3 hours checking everything that it could possible have been. Found Nothing and was not even able to duplicate or replicate the choking. Thankfully they did not charge me for the amount of time or service. They did say they believe me, I have had them for my mechanic for 10 yrs, but they could not fix it as they did not know what was causing the choking. They did tell me to bring the car to them when it starts choking again. Leave the car on and they will have a mechanic drive it with me. Through the whole weekend it did not choke. Then on Tuesday, going to work, it started choking again. Sadly I was not able to have it looked at, as I had to work to be paid for Labor Day. The car choked going to and come home until yesterday, when it decided the weekend is near and didn't want to choke.

Has anyone else have this issue? Knows anyone who had this issue? I believe it has something to do with air flow and gas....something is not mixing correctly. But, my mechanic checked that and could not find a problem.

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Re: Chokes upon acceleration

Post by ds32928 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 6:16 am

I dont know if a clogged fuel filter would set some codes or not, but from your description of the choking, I would ask my mechanic to replace it. $40 job I would guess, and worth a shot. Could also be a wire in a harness rubbing and shorting out, but I would start with a fuel filter, and see if problem continues.

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