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Who's towed a camper trailer?

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Who's towed a camper trailer?

Post by GreenEnvy » Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:59 pm

Hi all,
I see a couple mentions of towing with Freestyles in the forums, but not a lot.

We just bought a 1996 Rockwood signature trailer, it's a 10ft model, about 1500lbs.
We plan on using it 2-4 times a year, usually on 3-4 hour drives to the campsites.

Our freestyle is an 07 with about 155,000 km on it.
I know it's rated for 2000lbs, so we have a few hundred pounds of roof for "stuff" still.
I can't find much on the max combined weight limit (trailer plus vehicle), we're a family of 4 with 2 small kids.

I put a bathroom scale under the nose jack on the trailer and it was 230lbs which is a bit over the 200 max tongue weight. I'll try to shift some stuff rearwards to help with that. I'm not too concerned about the 30lbs over though. That's affected much more by 3rd row passengers anyway I think.

Anyone have experiences or thoughts to share?
We haven't put a hitch on the freestyle yet. I actually towed the popup home with my little 2004 Elantra which oddly enough is also rated at about 2000lbs from a small sedan with an i4.

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Re: Who's towed a camper trailer?

Post by penetronn » Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:49 pm

Hello GreenEnvy. We've done a fair amount of towing with our 2007 Limited the past six years. We have a 12 foot micro-tent pop-up called the Coleman Switchback. It's about 900 lbs and we have a Class III hitch on our Freestyle. Towing with the CVT can be tricky - even without a trailer it's not setting the world on fire for acceleration. Adding the additional weight makes it even slower. I also try and avoid pushing the car on inclines because it can really cause the engine to rev (it averages about 1000 more RPM's than usual when towing) and I know it is taxing the transmission is more to find the correct ratios.

The Freestyle should be able to handle a 1500 lbs trailer but remember that the 2000 lbs rating is GVWR - so that would leave you just 500 lbs for gear, bicycles, food, etc in addition to the trailer.

One last thing I have noticed is that during seasons that we have camped a lot, the brakes tend to really wear out quickly - putting on a new set of pads every 2 years or so. The car already seems below average for brake life expectancy. But towing really accelerates this.

Good luck and have fun!

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