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Retiring out of here

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Retiring out of here

Post by dbgallo » Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:05 pm

Haven't been posting here much, and not at all since 2011, we're finally retiring the Freestyle. 126000 miles, CVT fine, never an issue. Car has taken done yeoman duty with getting the Mrs back and forth to work, Running from PA to MD 3-4 times a month, camping trips, a one day dash down to Orlando and then a one day dash back. Average fuel economy about 17mpg City and 26 hwy. Pebble interior is still hanging on, no rips, just stains. every button and switch still works. Never had any engine issues except for the PCM reflash and the throttle body needing to be cleaned 3X. Changed the oil when the warning said 5% and did it with 5w20 Mobil1 and a TG fram Filter.

Repairs over the years
1 Replaced Cracked Alloy Wheel
2. Replaced Scroll Valve
3. 3 Sets of front brakes and 2 sets of rotors
4. 2 sets of back brakes and 1 set of rotors
5. 4 sets of wiper blades
6. 1 transmission service at 90K
7. 1 Alternator
8. 1 Battery
9 2 Sets of Michelin Hydroedge tires (no longer available)
10. original headlight bulbs in place, but replaced both taillights 3 times.

All in all I'd say we got out 15K out of the car and then some. Thanks guys for being here and offering advice over the years. All of these cars are now closing in on 10+ years old and it's forums like this that make it affordable to own these beasts . Now that the kids are grown, we're downsizing to a smaller SUV.

Good Luck Folks
'05 SEL FWD, Green over Tan, "pebble" interior. 6 passenger seating.

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