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Good deal on news sneakers, tires that is...

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Good deal on news sneakers, tires that is...

Post by nburd » Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:25 pm

Been shopping for tires. Based on dollar per mileage warranty (65,000) the best buy was the Bridgestone Ecopia 422 from walmart. Now with a $70. Rebate through 4/30. Anyway 4 mounted and lifetime balance for just over $510 out the door. With rebate, $440. Anyway, cost per warranty mile is $.00147. That's the least expensive I have seen for name brand tires in the wonderful 17" size.

Anyway, after having the original continentals nearly gone at 33k, losing a few fillings, but wear evenly and the horrible Goodyear Integritys wear perfectly even to the wearbars at about 30k miles, these are refreshing. The Goodyears were very noisy from day 1 and I could never keep a good balance, even after a road force. After 20k miles, the GYs were deafening too and had a pleasant thump thump thump indicating a belt issue. But it's the wife's car, so I did not have to listen to it much.

The Ecopias are no sports car tire, but they are very quiet and provide a very smooth almost cushy ride. So far the balance is perfect up to 70 mph. Also, they have a 30 day test drive if not happy.

I must say I am completely happy with them.

They smooth out the stiff, but competent ride of the freestyle and silence is golden. We're taking the FS on a 500 mile camping trip this weekend with 5 of us plus gear, to break in the new tranny bearing and the new sneakers.

It should be an enjoyable experience and I must say my FS drives like the day I bought it with 15k on it 5 years ago except for.......

It's kind of funny, now that the studded snows are off and I can stop wearing earplugs, it's getting close to new rear brakes time. Another project I guess.

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Re: Good deal on news sneakers, tires that is...

Post by cox1371 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:01 pm

Any update on the tires now? I was thinking about getting 4 from Costco for about $410 before tax.

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