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2005 Shudders when gas tank is full.

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:43 am
by JesseNavarro3
2005 Ford Freestyle (AWD - SEL) with 180,099 miles. When the gas tank is full is while driving it shudders and shuts off at times when at a stop light or driving in very slow traffic. I would have to put the car in neutral to start it; to continue to drive. Once that tank is 75% or 3 1/4 quarters full. The car drives GREAT.
I had to replace some part that failed due to error codes. Parts replaced were: EGR, Throttle Body, Fuel Pressure sensor, EVAP Canister, Fuel Pump, Computer due to bad pin error message, and 1 coil due to miss fire. I have ran the computer to test for any error logs. NO ERROR CODES OR LOGS WERE FOUND. Does any one have an idea in what they car acts this way on a full tank of gas?