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06 FS Sel alarm problems

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06 FS Sel alarm problems

Post by echojohnny »

I have an 06 FS 2wd SEL. My anti theft system seems to have developed another mind and goes off even when it has not been activated. It has gone off with us sitting inside eating lunch and listening to music. I replaced the battery in the remote and have read up on possibilities. Im wondering if this factory installed system can be either disconnected or bypassed without something else becoming inoperable or going off? Im a small engine mechanic and my electrical skills are good. Any tips or solutions will be helpful. My research has me thinking door closure sensors could be the issue or part of it. I would rather repair this problem in the proper way than doing a make shift repair. I hate fixing the same thing twice.

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Re: 06 FS Sel alarm problems

Post by dwighte »

Try unlocking all the doors before you shut the engine off, after stopping. It is likely it thinks the car is being unlocked after it is turned off.
As I recall, it seems like there were some options in the owners manual. I don't recall exactly what they were.
I don't think there is a way to defeat the system entirely.