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Water in cabin

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Water in cabin

Post by Tseren » Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:40 pm

Hello everebody! Apologize for my English ))
Maybe this topic will be useful and someone will escape some troubles.
I called the topic "Water in cabin", I think it would be better and I explain why.
After every rain I found out some water in the trunk and spare wheel place. And I was seeking some information of water in trunk, but as you can see it would be hard.
The reason of water was sunroof, and there are many topics like sunroof leaks, etc.
As I said I found out some water in trunk and I thought the reason was hardware of trunk door. For a start I removed both rear vertical panels. Water flowed from the front. I removed the ceiling panel and I saw the water on sunroof guides and back drains on both side. After it I started to seek information of sunroof leaks, especially sunroof drains. Below the link with solution in detail.
Maybe someone did the same, please write the possible problems and difficulties.
FS’05 LMTD ‘s bought in oct’18

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