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Lose Electrical Power

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:31 pm
by usisarah
Any help with the following would be appreciated (2005 Freestyle 190k miles):

After driving a while, I'll slowly lose all interior electrical power (maybe exterior...can't tell since I'm driving), power windows, AC, etc. until finally the transmission won't get out of first gear. At that point I assume the transmission is in a safe mode. The first time this happened, we replaced the alternator (refurbished much to my chagrin because they didn't have anything else available). Problem solved for about three weeks, then the same thing. Had the car towed to the shop and they put in a different refurbished alternator without contacting me first. Problem solved for another four weeks. Now it's back at the shop and after fully charging the battery they can't recreate the problem. I'm thinking I should just have them install a new OEM alternator. Any other ideas?