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Sirius Satellite Radio

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Sirius Satellite Radio

Post by boxlunch »

Ford printed material clearly states: "see your dealer for Sirius Radio information". However, dealers don't have anything to offer on the Freestyle. Sales and Parts at my dealership were both informed and finally sent me to an aftermarket installer where I had the Panasonic head unit, FM modulator, and antenna removed from the ZTW Focus and installed in the Freestyle. Dealer did split the cost with me on the exchange and the installation was very good, almost "factory-like" but still I would have preferred a factory unit. Anyone know the status of factory satellite radio? 2005 SEL purchased 3-18-05 and love the way it feels on the highway and around town.

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Post by DCStyle »

I'm looking for this too...

If anyone can give some info on installing Sat Radio, I'd appreciate it.

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Look for this in January.
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Post by Zortek »

After speaking with my dealer and another Freestyle owner, the answer was, the Audiophile unit is not satellite compatible. I also found out the AUX input is, at present, intended for the factory-installed DVD system, period.

After all that, I had a Sirius Starbase unit installed at Circuit City. It plays through the unit's built-in FM modulatr. I put the controller (display ?) in the above dash storage compartment so it is out of sight, and also gives me the place to keep the remote.

So far, I am a little disappointed with the Sirius sound - some garbling and hiss, but that may be due to the FM frequency the modulator is using. I will have to play around when I get time.

It seemed odd to the dealer that the "high end" audio in the Freestyle isn't satellite capable but the one in the Escape Hybrid is. Oh, well..... :?