Pin Diagrams for Radio and DVD player

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Pin Diagrams for Radio and DVD player

Post by tzmartin » Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:23 pm

I'm condensing my web findings here for you all to enjoy.
This is the in dash harness wiring diagram

24 pin harness Power/Speakers etc.
1 Battery (Purple)
2 Run/Accessory
3 Illumination +
4 Illumination -
5 Empty
6 Empty
7 Empty
8 LF Speaker+
9 LR Speaker +
10 RR Speaker +
11 RF Speaker +
12 RF Speaker -
13 Power Ground (Black/Orange)
14 Vehicle Speed (VSS)
15 Start
16 empty
17 empty
18 SWC+
19 SWC - (empty on my harness)
20 Empty (rear parking aid supposedly)
21 LF Speaker -
22 LR Speaker -
23 RR Speaker -
24 empty

16 Pin Diagram--DVD stuff and CAN-BUS leads
1 Speaker L+ White
2 Speaker L- Green
for the PAC harness these are the RES White RCA plug
3--8 Empty
9 Speaker R+ Red
10 Speaker R- Black
For the pac harness these are the RES Red RCA Plug
11-14 Empty
15 White/black CAN BUS A
16 Black/Yellow CAN BUS B

15 and 16 connect to your PAC computer chip to make the radio work with components in your car. these are important.

8 Pin Diagram for Subwoofer
1 Audio +
2 Audio +
3 Audio shield
4 Audio Enable
5--8 Empty

There are helpful diagrams elsewhere on the DVD pin Diagram. System viewtopic.php?t=1471

All in all, i think i should have bought an aftermarket unit and installed it. Better screen size and other cool features. Ford DVD is a really basic and the AUX input doesn't work unless you get another chip that can tell the AUX input to function. If ford wants to stay afloat, they should make it easy to Plug and play vehicles.


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Re: Pin Diagrams for Radio and DVD player

Post by Ellcapitan » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:35 am

Resurrecting this ancient thread, am I wrong in suspecting that, on the 8-pin subwoofer connector, one of the two "audio +" pins (pin-1 or pin-2) should be "audio -"?

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