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Fuel tank sending unit replacement DIY

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Fuel tank sending unit replacement DIY

Post by airlinepilot » Tue May 21, 2019 7:52 am

I was having a fuel smell whenever i was fulling my fuel tank. Lately it got to a point where you could actually see some fuel dripping from the car. I removed the fuel tank access pannels from above and i noticed that the fuel tank sending unit module was covered with fuel... (the one located on the drivers side). I ordered some cg807 gaskets, fpr11 fuel tank lock rings from Ford, a new Spectra Premium FG216A fuel tank sending unit and an OTC 6599 fuel lock ring removal tool for the job.

The fuel tank lock ring was heavily rusted and corroded. Its absolutely necessary to remove as much rust with a brush and soak the part with penetrating fluid. I tried to remove the lock ring with the special tool with a 24´´ breaker bar without luck after initial penetrating fluid soaking. I needed to take a punch and « shake » as much as possible the ring many times while re-soaking the part with more penetrating fluid. It took me almost 90 minutes of this process before it finally gave. (Fluid-punch-special tool).

**The fuel leak was caused because the original fuel tank sending unit was cracked on top at many places. The fuel could escape through these cracks whenever the tank was full.**

When it finally gave, the removal was almost too easy! There is a fuel line connected inside the tank at the bottom of the unit. You DONT need any special tools for fuel line disconnect. Its just plastic retainers holding the quick-connects. I was anticipating the possible replacement of the whole fuel tank but it was not necessary at all. The new part from Spectra Premium was a real nice plug-and-play, good fitting and functionality out of the box. It cost me 250$CAN with parts and the special tool.

Just remember if you want to tackle this job yourself:
Soak the fuel tank lock ring days prior with good penetrating fluid and get yourself an OTC 6599. The old method with an hammer and a punch wont work on heavily rusted parts. The punch is useful just to help vibrate the rust and let the penetrating fluid work its way in.

I was planning to remove and replace the other retainer ring, (passenger side) but i just decided to soak it with penetrating fluid and wait. That side was not leaking so there was no rush to replace it. Feel free as usual to ask me anything on that repair, hopefully i might help someone else!

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Re: Fuel tank sending unit replacement DIY

Post by pwschuh » Sun Jun 02, 2019 7:18 pm

Awesome write-up. Thanks!
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