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Front strut assembly removal AWD

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Front strut assembly removal AWD

Post by romeroom » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:22 pm

I will be replacing front struts in next couple of days. I bought the strut, coil, mount assembly all put together.

I would appreciate some suggestions on most efficient way to remove old ones.

Thank you.

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Re: Front strut assembly removal AWD

Post by DanfromSterling » Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:41 pm

Remove wheel, caliper and bracket, rotor, hub nut (pry bar stuck between hub stud and ground keep from moving), 4 bolts back side of hub, hub slide hammer or sledge to pop hub out (get stuck on there good). Nut at ball joint, nut at outer tie rod, spindle nut to strut, loosen the strut top nuts, push down on control arm pull spindle away from ball joint and slide off the strut. Take top 4 nuts off strut and its out. Just did mine this past year.

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Re: Front strut assembly removal AWD

Post by airlinepilot » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:04 pm

The other option i did use (same as per Ford technician handbook). Remove the whole strut with spring and wheel knuckle. You need to disengage the cv axle from the wheel knuckle, disengage the ball joint (very easy, it is held in the wheel knuckle with a 21mm nut, after just pry it out), disconnect and suspend the caliper. The rest of the removal is similar. (Link kit, tie-rod end, top strut mount nuts). The whole assembly is now out, it is surprisingly heavy, probably close to 70lbs. I have the luxury to use a Branick spring compressor in my shop for spring compressing.

I just wanted the other members to know the other option when dealing with Taurus-X and Freestyle front struts. An assistant will be very useful when it is time to put back on the car the whole assembly. If you are capable of doing diy jobs on your cars like brakes and suspension components, this job is for you. It is tougher to do then a strut job on your last Toyota, but you will see why it handles better on the road.

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Re: Front strut assembly removal AWD

Post by LimitedX » Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:23 am

I just did this yesterday. Replaced front hub/bearings and struts/mounts It wasn't hard just time consuming. In order:
Popped front center caps off and broke hub but free. 32mm deep or axle socket needed.
Loosened lug nut and removed tire.
Remove and hang caliper.
Remove rotor
Back off hub nut but not all the way
Removed 4 hub bolts
Pulled hub / bearings loose. Removed axle nut. Set hub aside.
Loosened flag bolt holding strut to knuckle
Loosened tie rod nut
Loosened and remove stabilizer bar
Loosened ball joint nut
Loosened top four strut nuts
Remove ball joint and tie rod nuts, push down on lower control arm to clear. Pulled axle out.of knuckle too.
Holding knuckle, remove flag bolt. Slide knuckle down. Prop loose knuckle somewhere being careful of ABS cord which is still attached.
Holding strut by spring reach on top and remove nuts. And it's loose!
Rebuild strut spring assembly. And reverse

Ball joint, tie rod, stabilizer link bolts have a hex top. I used a box wrench on the nut and a socket on the bolt end and loosened that way. On tie rod and ball joint nut is 21mm and bolt hex end is 10mm. Stabilizer bar is smaller.

I replaced bearing/hub since I had a bad one.

Be sure to torque nuts back afterwards. Axle nut is to 258 ft lbs. If you need other torque specs I can look them up and post.

Mine is a 2008 T X


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