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P0320, P1336, P061B

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:02 am
by cdave2000
HELP. My 2007 Freestyle is throwing these codes. I have replaced the throttle body, spark plugs, and MAF sensor so far.

On a trip 5 hours north of me the car just suddenly started running bad and the transmission started shifting weird. Occasionally the wrench light comes on while driving it and of course than it barely shifts going down the road. It stalls at stops and of course to get those codes the check engine light came on. If i can't figure this out myself i will have no choice but to put it in the shop, and i would rather not do that. I have reset the ECM multiple times. Every time i change a new sensor i reset the computer and drive it. I let it idle until it is at optimal running temperature to allow everything to reset. I am at wits end.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The only consistent code is P061B. The other codes change as i change parts. LOL.