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Possible Electrical Issue related to when the car idles....

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Possible Electrical Issue related to when the car idles....

Post by mabraddock06 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:06 pm

So we bought our 2005 Ford Freestyle back in April. We are expecting our third child and decided to go with this car. We love the way it looks and just about everything else about it.

We have discovered a problem however and unfortunately, we're having a hard time finding someone that can figure out what is causing it. It's only happened twice but I'm worried that whatever the issue is that it will get worse and cause it to happen more and more over time.

Whats going on is that if the car happens to idle for longer than 10minutes (once in line at the drive through for a bank and one other time we were stuck in traffic after fireworks), the car seems to have power outages... that's really the best way I can explain it. The first time, at the bank drive through, I noticed that the A/C pressure was going in and out as if it was being turned on and off. The 2nd time was at night so we had the headlights as well as the dash board lights on and when this started to happen, all the lights inside and outside of the car went completely out until we began to accelerate again... once pressure was applied to the gas pedal, the lights came back on.

We took it into a local mechanic shop who suggested it might be an alternator issue but when they checked the alternator, they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it or the battery. So we just took it into the local Ford dealership hoping since it was a Ford that they would know what is causing it. The Ford dealership is also telling us they don't know what's causing it.

Any one else experience a similar problem or have any suggestions on what might need to be fixed? Like I said, I'm afraid what ever is causing this idle issue will get worse causing it to happen more and more often and eventually cause the entire car to break down.

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Re: Possible Electrical Issue related to when the car idles....

Post by clynch1990 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:41 pm

altenator just did 3 of them first was pulsating (original), 2nd put out 17volts to charge, 3rd put 11.5volts, final was at 14.3volts issue solved

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