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Feels like there's a misfire, but no codes.

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Feels like there's a misfire, but no codes.

Post by kc4wvl »

My best seems to have an issue that has me puzzled.

At the beginning of March, my wife and I were heading out on a roadtrip. We had only gone about 25 miles when I heard a pop and the vehicle started having problems. Considering the weather (COLD!!) it ultimately required replacing the alternator, with another long story.

Needless to say, that issue was finally resolved after 2 months. Now, there's a new issue. From time to time, the engine feels like there's a misfire. It's not all the time and no codes are stored in the computer.

This only began after the alternator had been replaced. Prior to the previous alternator went south, this condition did not exist. Even after 158,500 miles and 12 years, this car had been the most reliable car I'd ever owned.

Has anyone else experienced the same symptoms and if so, what was the diagnosis and resolution? Thanks.
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Re: Feels like there's a misfire, but no codes.

Post by K4uwc »

I had a very similar situation when I replaced the original plugs with NGK. I happened to have them and they were the correct part number so I tried them. Very slight hesitation and missing that was overlooked by the computer. I installed Motorcraft and it went away.

So it could be a hiccup in your ignition circuit causing this. Mine started when I changed the plugs so it was obvious as to the source of the problem.


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Re: Feels like there's a misfire, but no codes.

Post by bluedog1157 »

My misfire sounds typcial to what I read on internet. Cruising at 40-50 in 6th with torque converter locked up, start up a small hill and lightly give it a little throttle. Then it is the double-jerk. No codes, ever. Put in my OBD2 scanner and check it using Torque app. It routinely sees a misfire of 1-7, but only on the Total widget -- it never identifies which cylinder. (yes, I have a widget setup and displaying for each cylinder, but only the total misfires catches it). Funny thing, if I fill up with 91 octane the problem goes away, go back to 87 and the problem is back within 2 days. I drive about 115 miles per day. Total mileage is about 315K. Plugs changed about 25K miles ago. Have ran a couple bottles of injector cleaner thru it over the last couple weeks. Cleaned the MAP and Throttle body. The front bank of coils look great. Anyone know a different phone app than Torque that will catch which cylinder has the misfire. Or does Mode 6 not work on the Trex for each cylinder?

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Re: Feels like there's a misfire, but no codes.

Post by Scotty17 »

I would recommend changing the Gas filter to OEM Motocraft only, and start using top tier gasoline like BP did this when I picked up my Freestyle with 88k made a big difference in performance and MPG.

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Re: Feels like there's a misfire, but no codes.

Post by CARR142 »

Anyone know a different phone app? Forscan