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Ford 500 awd CVT problems won't go over 15-20 mph

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 10:21 am
by MrBugatti
So I've been on this forum in the past and have been well aware of the cvt nightmares for years. Just as a little background we bought a 2006 ford five hundred limited awd in 2010 (my mom's car) with 60k miles on it 9 years later it now has 223k miles on it. I changed the tranny fluid at 200k and changed the pan filter with an aftermarket one which I'll honestly regret forever because for the first winter after changing it it went into limp mode right after startup with code p0701. A year later that problem hasn't come back but for the past month we started having issues whenever we went somewhere after the car had warmed up it would go into limp mode after a hot restart and the dreaded Input bearing noise has been getting worse over time started at 200k before the tranny fluid as a slight whine 208k a really loud whine 215k a whine with a bearing growling sound at 220k and now a total grinding sound in park or neutral which wasn't causing any driveability issues it was just really loud until the middle of november when my mom left to go to work she put it in reverse and she said it was bucking really bad and as she tried to backup so she stopped and took our only other car our 02 sable to work. when she got home I tried to figure out what the problem was it started fine it engaged into reverse and drive fine and it moved perfectly fine in reverse and drive under like 10 mph in the driveway in park and neutral however I noticed that there was no throttle response all the way to the floor basically nothing I've seen other people mention this problem. but the real issue is when we tried to see if it could accelerate fine once you get over 10 mph the ratio doesn't change and at 20 mph you're basically at the rev limiter it seems to me like the pulley isn't changing the ratio at all. I checked the fluid and found metal shavings on the dipstick and it's throwing the code p0492 (hydraulic pressure unit) so I honestly don't know what to do now I'm 16 I don't even have a garage to work in so if anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful.