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CVT Torque Converter lockup test

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CVT Torque Converter lockup test

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Trying to diagnose after CVT rebuild. When trans os placed in gear, engine lurches and stalls like a manual with a newbie at the wheel. With the rear driveshaft removed and the front wheels off the ground (and foot OFF the brake), the engine doesnt die immediately after placed in gear, but will lurch to a stop when I stop the wheels with the brake.

Either the torque converter lockup is locked, and not allowing the turbine to spin, or the transmission is sending fluid to the Torque Converter clutch improperly.

I have removed the mechatronic and am in the process of removing all valves, and cleaning and inspecting. I have no way to test the TCC solenoid.

My idea is to climb under the car (With the engine OFF), and attempt to turn the input shaft by hand. If I can turn the shaft without the engine turning, I feel that the Torque Converter lockup is not applied, and is working properly.

I'd like a way to test the Torque Converter lockup function while I'm still under the car. Is there a port behind the mechatronic that I can apply air to apply TCC Lockup to verify the difference?

If I can verify Torque converter is working correctly, mechatronic passages are clean and valves not sticking, and the mechatronic gasket is applied correctly, all thats left is the TCC solenoid or the TCM.