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Replace Front Axles on 2005 FS FWD

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Replace Front Axles on 2005 FS FWD

Post by kevhenn54 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:58 am

I recently replaced both front axles on my FS. Passenger side came out easy and went in easy. Very straightforward. The Drivers Side was/is a different story. The axle was very hard to get out; finally used a weighted puller and it came right out. Could not move with hammer, chisel and bi screwdriver. Going back in it did not feel right but went in. Test drove car and slight but noticeable vibration at low speed when accelerating. I took the front wheel off and the axle was loose and had a bit of play on the drivers side. I hit it a few times with a block of wood and hammer then tried to pull out. It would not pull out. I then checked the torque on both axle nuts and test drove, still vibrating. I took to Firestone and had wheels balanced and aligned, they were off a bit. Still vibrating but a little less.

Any thoughts or ideas? I have a new axle ordered from carquest and can replace the drivers side. I am also thinking; could it be the bearings? They look original and car has 235,000 miles. Looking for some help before I do anything.


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Re: Replace Front Axles on 2005 FS FWD

Post by RVAFreestyle » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:12 pm

If you forced the axle in... I'd look at the inner CV joint being hyper extended.

The inner joints are tripod plunging style and if they are hyper extended then forced back in the needle bearing and collars can get damaged or misaligned with the cup.

Or you just got a chappy rebuilt axle.
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Re: Replace Front Axles on 2005 FS FWD

Post by Splicer » Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:30 am

The vibration is coming from within the transmission. Mine has done it for years. I too, replaced axles, balanced wheels, new tires, new brakes.
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