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Post by Ksmoov78 »

This is a great thread and I have learned a lot. Does the tranny need to be dropped to replace the ptu? Asking because a so called mechanic said it had to be. The problems I'm having my FS drive normally just no awd and there is distinct whining from the front when in motion. Even when I turn engine off and drop car in neutral. The noise rises and falls with acceleration an deceleration as well. I beleve it is in the ptu. Removal and or replacement? Is there a way to remove the ptu and leave it off and continue to drive car as FWD? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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Re: PTU?

Post by Mike51Merc »

The PTU can be dropped without removing the transmission.

I'd suspect wheel bearings or CV joints before assuming the PTU went bad. A mechanic's stethoscope with the car on a lift will help diagnosis.